Welcome! I’m Natalie Spautz, LMFT. (She/Her)

LMFT # 86678

I am a licensed Psychotherapist with over 20 years of education in Clinical Psychology and over 10 years of clinical experience dedicated to helping people heal inclusively.

I have extensive specialized training in several modalities of couples therapy and a passionate dedication to helping people improve the quality of their relationships. I believe that by becoming conscious of the ways we defend against love and connection and finding more compassionate and workable ways of relating to ourselves and others helps us to find what we truly want and need in life.

With a diverse background of specialized experience working with couples, young children 0-5 and their families, individuals in-depth psychotherapy and training in social justice, financial therapy, mindfulness, humanistic, and trauma-informed approaches, I have a range of knowledge that I use with every person I help.

My specialized training in couples therapy is rooted in attachment and social justice theory. This means I look not only at your current relationship dynamic and how partners express themselves and respond to one another- but I also look deeper at early relationships and societal influences that inform and impact your relational experience in order to help.

In addition, I offer an inclusive, collaborative process with couples that I like to call Co-partnering. It is an intentional process, facilitated therapeutically, that supports both partners in building self awareness. It also supports cultivating a collaborative attitude that helps each person engage in new ways. Co-partnering helps partners feel more connected, seen and secure with each other.


Additionally, I am always taking new trainings and courses.  During my training and licensed experience, I have attended many clinical workshops and courses including and not limited to:


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